Importance of DD214 form

Many years ago the Paradise Valley real estate market saw an influx of veterans and families of veterans relocating to the area. This may be particularly useful information. The VA streamline refinance loan, or IRRRL, has a number of benefits to veterans wanting to refinance their VA loan. It requires little paperwork, but there are a few documents that are required to process this loan. One of these documents is the veterans DD 214 form .

What is the veterans DD-214? It is proof that you were in the military. It shows your discharge, your dates of service and current classification, whether retired, separated, or National Guard or Reserve status. You need your DD-214 to receive most of your military rewards including VA loans.

Servicemen and women receive their original DD-214 at the end of their retirement or separation from the military. Its an important document, but some veterans misplace their DD-214 for one reason or another as they relocate or transition back to civilian life.

Its important to know that you can ask for a free copy of your DD-214 by going to the National Archive official government site ( through their eVetRecs system and filling out an online form. You need to be either the service member or the next of kin to request the DD-214 with this form. The following information may be asked for:

  • woman’s Social Security number
  • Branch of service
  • Dates of military service
  • Place of discharge

The form is required to be authorized by the service member or next of kin. It would make the process easier to give the reason for wanting the form as a VA loan refinance.

keep in mind that a DD-214 will always free through the US government. There are companies who will offer to do the work on your behalf but will charge a fee. While this isnt illegal, it is unnecessary as applying for the form yourself is quite easy and any company you pay wont be able to make your order go through any faster.

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