A Mortgage After Divorce

You have likely found your way to this page because you or someone you know has or is going through or been through a divorce. With approximately 1 in every 2 marriages ending divorce, you are definitely not alone. The issues associated with divorce are many and with nearly 70% of the divorce cases involving a real estate matter, the need for solid financial advice is paramount.

While it is not uncommon to address the property ownership matters during the divorce process, there are often lingering effects associated with the property financing that may affect future home ownership for one or both parties. These effects can be further exacerbated when a property is underwater.

Financing issues associated with a property in divorce can be numerous and complex and may include:

  • Spousal Buyout
  • Mandatory Refinance
  • Continuity of Obligation
  • Tax Consequences
  • Financial Legacy of Past Obligation

Owning Again After Divorce

Although there may be legacy issues with the past obligation, you can obtain a mortgage after divorce. For more information how we can help you Own Again After Divorce, Contact Us.